Client Gallery Access (info and instructions)


Client galleries are made available at the time of your post-session consultation at which time you will be given an overview of the ordering process and shown examples of print types (various paper types) and sizes and other products.


To access your private client master gallery, click here and enter your private access code.  However, if this is your first time accessing your master gallery, please review this entire page.  


Event Photography Clients:  

Your client master gallery is comprised of session galleries containing albums or just albums.

Unless noted otherwise in the information provided about the photography for your event, none of the photographs (to include headshots and other posed shots) are not retouched! 

Each image in the gallery albums appears with a watermark - that watermark DOES NOT appear on any items as purchased.

Portraiture Clients:  

Your client master gallery is comprised of session galleries. 

Each session gallery is comprised of albums, at minimum a "proofs" album and a "retouched" album. Client master galleries may be inactivated no less than 30 days from the latter of the date posted or the most recent purchase activity. Each image in the gallery albums appears with a watermark - that watermark DOES NOT appear on any items as purchased.

Your gallery may include a "promo" album.  This is where you can order prints of the images just as seen on social media (with photographer's personal, customized watermark) at a limited number of sizes ranging from 4x5 and 4x6 to 8x10 and 8x12. These are referred to as promo prints due to the watermark and their use by me for promotional purposes. Pricing is significantly lower than non-watermarked images in the "retouched" album.

An important note about promo prints: they are printed "to fit" whatever print size you select, so if you select a print size that does not correspond with the aspect ratio of the image (e.g., you want to order a 4x6 print but the image has an aspect ratio of 4x5), you will see white space along two sides of the print so that the image will not be cropped in order to fit the print. 


Proof images are unedited, non-retouched versions of the best shots from your session.  Proof images can only be ordered as 4x6 proof prints and via several hard cover book options (variety of designs to choose from, in two sizes for proofs, 8x8 and 10x10).  The physical prints are 4x6 in size, but if the image area itself may be a different aspect ratio, such as 4x5 (8x10), 8x12, or square. Thus, the image will not fit the entire size of the 4x6 print (except images with an aspect ratio of 4x6; there will be white space along the edges for other aspect ratios). 

It is important to note that even after a pose has been retouched, the proof will remain in the "proofs" album.  

Also, if you're interested in more than a few proofs for purchase, there are a number of proof bundle options that make ordering proofs of multiple poses more economical.


To select images to be retouched, you do so from the proofs album by ordering the retouching option you want for the pose(s). Retouching fees are listed as one of the products. There are two levels of retouching, basic and advanced. With basic level retouching, obvious blemishes and similar are removed. For a large number of blemishes (e.g., moderate+ acne), skin smoothing, wrinkle softening, and makeup enhancement, select advanced level retouching.


After a pose has been retouched, the retouched image will appear in your retouched gallery. One or more poses may already appear in your retouched album and those include any that I decided to retouch on my own (e.g., used for sneak peak posts or other promotional purposes).

An additional note about retouched images and your retouched album for your session - these include poses that you (or anyone you shared your private gallery with) selected or that I personally selected.  I often pick one or more images on my own that are my favorites to use for promotional purposes (at no charge of course).


There is a short list of products/services listed for items in your retouched albums.  Those are just a short list of popular items - just click "view all products" or "visit shop" (depending on the screen you are on) to see all products (there are quite a few for retouched images).


If you would like any assistance with reviewing your proof gallery, deciding on what to order, etc., please do not hesitate to ask!


Thank you!


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