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On screen viewing of these images does not do them justice! The prints are absolutely gorgeous!

These fine art photography prints are each matted (see price description line for print only and as matted sizes).

Mats are off-white unless noted otherwise in the image description (below the image).

Image descriptions also include the print size (not including the mat) and any special information (e.g., metallic print, contest recognition).

Click on the first image to scroll through the images and their corresponding pricing.

If you are local to the Columbus, Ohio area, you may make an appointment to see these in person.

NO REFUNDS on fine art photography prints. Exceptions may be made for prints that are shipped and are returned in new condition and within 10 days of receipt.
BLACK MAT - dandelion (5x5),  black and whiteBLACK MAT - exposed brick (8x8)leopard (8x10)polar bear (8x10)lazy brown bear (8x10)rose (8x10)"Tequila Turnpike" (8x10)tiles of roses (8x10)barn at park in winter (8x10)blue abstract (8x10)water drops (8x10)candles (8x10, METALLIC)black tiger lillies (8x12)bright sky sunflower (8x12)Cincinnati cityscape (8x12), METALLIC PRINT, Columbus Ohio area competition best in show imagerose trio (8x12)reflection landcape, version B (8x12)Tennessee water spring (8x12)Tennessee wagon scene (8x12)tires (8x12)