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tiger lily in bw 8x12 100ppisunflower 8x12 300ppithree white roses 8x12 300ppitiles of roses 8x10 200ppipink & white rose 8x12 300ppiimperfect 8x12 300ppiglorious reflection 8x12 300ppidowntown Columbus 8x12 300ppiunder the bridge 8x12 300ppicityscape 8x12 300ppiabandoned 8x12 300ppide-concontruction 8x12 300ppiin extreme detail 8x12 300ppiafter the storm 8x12 30ppistormy sky in bw 8x12 300ppitaking a stroll 8x12 300ppitennessee barn 8x12 300ppisummer afternoon 8x12 200ppiautumn afternoon 8x12 300ppitennessee spring 8x12 300ppi