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Three Wednesdays ago, I got a call from our troop's Scoutmaster right around 5 pm.  I was driving to pick up Jared from an after school activity so the call went to voicemail.  He left a message asking me if I could bring my camera to that evening's weekly troop meeting.  While sitting in the parking lot waiting for Jared to come out from his after school activity, I sent a quick text saying that I'd bring my camera, thinking he probably wanted me to take pictures of an activity during the meeting. 

After Jared and I got home, at that point with only about 30 minutes free before leaving for the troop meeting, I decided I should call and speak to our Scoutmaster just to confirm what I'd be taking pictures of.  Well, come to find out, he wanted me to get headshots of all of our scouts and leaders.  Glad I called!  So, I quickly got together a few pieces of basic gear (a light stand, an umbrella, a flash unit, and a remote transmitter/receiver pair) in addition to my camera to provide simple lighting to get shots of our troop scouts and leaders, about 45 in total.  

At the church where we have our weekly troop meetings, there was no ideal spot to take the photos and it was too cold and dark outside.  I wound up with two of our adult leaders as my assistants.  We used our troop's American flag on a pole with a corner being held by one assistant (cannot clip or pin it in respect of the flag) to extend it diagonally as the backdrop for the headshots.  The other assistant brought scouts and leaders to me a few at a time.  And, we did the same the following Wednesday night for the handful of people who missed the prior week's meeting.

Despite my on-the-fly approach, the photos did not turn out bad.  This example is of my son Jared and is representative of the shots that I captured.  You'd never know that these were shot where they were and that I had virtually no time to prepare for this gig!

For this particular situation, I think that the biggest negative is that no one being photographed was prepared (they all had less notice than me), so a lot of uncombed hair and uniform shirts that were a little less than tidy (to include my son's non-symmetrical wearing of his scout neckerchief).  Like school picture photography, this was very fast paced so no time to worry about such details.  And the troop's use of the photos is not dependent on the scouts looking "picture perfect" (though I would have loved that).  

Though I love to have time to prepare and organize things a bit more, I do take great pride in my ability to adapt to situations, be flexible, and work with limited resources.  You don't have to have a fancy studio setup to capture great shots in a pinch.  This shoot for our troop is a perfect example.

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"Help Animals:  Make Art" "Help Animals:  Make Art"

In late February, I attended a photo shoot event for the benefit of PetPromise, a dog and cat rescue in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by El J Modeling.  PetPromise is made up of super dedicated volunteers who work together to change the future of homeless pets. 

I was not familiar with this organization before being invited to this public event.  I hope that my images from the event and related posts will help spread the word about this great organization as well as raise awareness and donations to help them continue to help so many homeless pets, many of which come to them abandoned, abused, or otherwise neglected. 

Like most group photo shoot events that I've attended over the years, I try to be as prepared as possible to include communicating with models in advance to let them know what my process is, what my expectations are, and what they can expect both during and after the shoot.  

However, each shoot event has its own unique challenges and this shoot was no exception.  For this event, the biggest challenge was limited and often small indoor spots to photograph when taking into account multiple photographers (better than expected turnout!) all competing for the "best" spots to shoot their models and most spots having minimal natural light available.  But, I thrive on being flexible and creative, so this did not prevent me from capturing great images!

Exceptional in a very positive way for this shoot was that all but one of my scheduled models made it to the event and of the six models I worked with, four of them were teenagers!  This is the first time I've attended a group shoot event with so many underage models and moms.  

Oh, and the most obvious thing about this event that was new for me -- the inclusion of foster pets to work into many of my shots!  I got to work with four adorable cats and one precious small dog.  I'm a huge animal lover and since I'm unable to have any pets of my own, it was a special treat to spend the day with these awesome foster pets.

And so much positive has come from this shoot.  I've met some really cool people who were so much fun to work with.  I've helped support a cause that means a lot to me personally.  And, I even wound up with four images from this shoot that were published.  

With all of that said, please enjoy these great edited images from the event!  


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Triniti's Birthday Photo Shoot What young lady doesn't want to do a photo shoot for her birthday?

Triniti is a young lady that my daugther Kira has become good friends with this school year.  Triniti is full of personality and when I watch the two of them interact, I can see why they've become such good friends!  

So, Triniti has become one of my biggest fans when it comes to my photography.  About a month ago, Triniti let me know that she wanted me to photograph her on her birthday, March 13th, and I told her that I would love to.  After that, I got a few nicely spaced out reminders (she's very persistent) until I officially set the date on my calendar and made firm plans.  And, it was fun to see the two of them face timing regulary over the week leading up to the shoot to talk about and plan for it!

Well, earlier this week was her birthday and we had a great time at the studio that night!  I've had a chance to go through the shots which really show off her personality as well as show how much fun she likes to have. Here is a slideshow of the proofs (unedited, not retouched) from the shoot. 

I'm sure that you can tell from these shots that the girls had a great time!   It was so awesome to be able to do what I love to make this young lady's birthday extra special.  


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Published! First time published!  Well, sort of....

I just received notice this morning that three of the six images that I submitted to B Magazine for their March edition which has a theme of pets have been accepted.  Another image was accepted last week into Brand Model Magazine for an upcoming edition which was preselected based on a post by the mom of the featured model to an open submissions call by the magazine on their Facebook page.  (See the images that will be published at end of post.)

Though I have had a number of my scenic images published in a number of publications (area guides, annual reports, and such) and my annual finalist images for photography contests published in the related contest books, this is my first experience being published in a monthly magazine!  

Anyway, I never pursued magazine publication before, but the mom of one of the six models I photographed at the recent "Help Animals: Make Art" shoot in Columbus, Ohio (February 2018) I did for the benefit of PetPromise, Inc. (hosted by El J Modeling) suggested that I submit a particular image.  From there, I decided that I  would select one image of each of the six models I photographed for B Magazine's March theme of "pets" to submit.

And, on a bit of a side note, I only used one off camera flash and umbrella on a stand for my primary lighting** which goes to show that you don't need multiple lights and a lot of gear to capture awesome images (I typically travel very light on gear to on location fast paced model shoots)!  Less is more sometimes and less gear combined with challenging shooting situations (limited space, limited natural light, super tight timeframes, etc.) forces one to be creative or fail.  

So, I wound up submitting six images to B Magazine, three of them were selected, and one to Brand Model Magazine which was preselected.  Woohoo, I'm being published to two magazines, a total of four images, all from one shoot! 

Many of the photographers that I network with and other peers are "published," routinely submitting to and being featured in monthly magazines dedicated to the work of photographers, models, and other creatives and creative contributors.  Some of them have even been contacted directly by the magazines or other creatives requesting their images to be submitted.  Honestly, I have never been asked until now and felt that my work just was not of interest to others for that purpose. 

So, I think I know what I will begin focusing more on moving forward when it comes to model shoots ;-). 


** For the shot below of Regan with the dark pink walls, I used an old extra/backup flash which I taped a piece of gell to and set on the floor pointed at an angle to light the background for the shot below with the pink

Upcoming edition of Brand Model Magazine Model: Kyrstin Martz (age 14) Photographer: Tiffany J Morisue, Morisue Photography HMUA: Jenn Spain Martz

Model: Kyrstin Martz (age 14)

Photographer: Tiffany J Morisue, Morisue Photography

HMUA: Jenn Spain Martz 


Model: Regan Sines (age 16) with Smudge

Photographer: Tiffany J Morisue, Morisue Photography

Model: Abbi Herbert (age 14) with Pebbles

Photographer: Tiffany J Morisue, Morisue Photography

Model: Abigal Doran (age 14) with Sophie
Photographer: Tiffany J Morisue, Morisue Photography
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Capturing precious moments - Sophia Capturing precious moments - Sophia

One of the things that I love about photographing children and families is how I'm capturing a specific time in their lives, a time all too soon gone that they will be able to revisit time and time again over many years to come through great portraits.  Though adults do not change significantly from year-to-year, children certainly do and they grow up so fast!  As a second-time-around mom with not only an adult daughter over 30 but also an 11-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter, I all too well know how quickly they are all grown up!  

Earlier this month, I had the distinct pleasure of photographing the super adorable Sophia (age 7, first grade).  I remember each of my daughters at her age - full of joy, wonder, and personality!  Many children that I work with around this age, especially little girls, they follow direction very well and enjoy being models for the day.  

This slideshow of unedited proofs is only from the first set of shots that I took of Sophia during our session.  Her expressions are priceless!  Can you feel the joy, wonder, and personality that are Sophia when you look at these images?


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